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Uncertainty, Rising Costs Could Indian Coal Sector after Landmark Supreme Court Rulings

This week the Indian court system handed down three landmark energy rulings. While an ultimate decision still looms, the combined weight of these initial rulings reaffirms one thing — it’s time to diversify away from coal. Read more:

Cheyyur PIL dismissal not a setback, say activists

The Madras High Court dismissed a Public Interest Litigation filed by K. Saravanan challenging the acquisition of lands for the Cheyyur 4000 MW UMPP and captive power plant. The court ruled that the litigant was not a land-owner and that the acquisition proceedings had begun as early as in 2010. The ruling is not a setback to the campaign against the power plant. The merits of the case, including the allegation that the lands have been identified fraudulently, and that the proponent has denied the presence of ecologically sensitive areas within and around the project site are currently under review in the National Green Tribunal. More importantly, the documents filed by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board as part of its defence in the PIL provides further evidence of the fraud committed in the selection of sites for power plant and port. The dismissal of the PIL (See links to articles below) has to be seen in this context.