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‘Usable Coal to be Over in 15 yrs’

Despite India’s perceived abundance in coal reserves, usable coal will not last beyond 15 years, going by the rate at which it is being consumed in the country, warned former Union power secretary E A S Sarma here on Saturday.

Speaking on the sidelines of a convention on the “Real Face of coal”, former Union Power Secretary E A S Sarma said that rational energy planning should shift the focus from creating new megawatts to saving megawatts in transmission and distribution. “Supply-oriented planning in energy, especially electricity, has outlived its time. Sooner we face this hard reality, the better it will be from the point of view of sustainability,” he said.

The Coal Mine Planning & Design Institute………..Read more: http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/chennai/Usable-Coal-to-be-Over-in-15-yrs/2014/02/23/article2072545.ece#.Uw8gWvmSwRE