Project Impact

The impacts of the project have been grossly understated by the project proponent and its consultants in their pursuit to get clearance for a Thermal Power Plant which is more than unfit for a site of such ecological value as Cheyyur. Given the presence of several natural features such as sand dunes, estuaries, lagoons and reserve forest, the implications for such, if the plant is established are dire.

The beach where the port is to come up has been classified as moderately eroding by The National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (Ministry of Environment & Forests) and is susceptible to rapid erosion if the annual littoral drift is obstructed by the breakwaters constructed for the port.

Dredging for construction of the port will decimate benthic ecosystems and subsequently fish populations. Fish stocks will further be affected by the movement of ships resulting in a poorer catch and eventually posing a serious threat to the livelihoods of the fishermen. Furthermore, port activity will obstruct Olive Ridley nesting activity and hatchlings if there are any at all, will be disoriented by the bright lights of the port, preventing their natural journey towards the sea.

Mercury discharge from the main plant has been very conservatively calculated and the actual amount poses a serious hazard. In addition,the proponent has failed to conduct studies on the radioactive content of coal, as well as the heavy metal content and thus its implications have been overlooked.

For detailed information on the potential impacts of the project download the Cheyyur Bookletand Cheyyur Lies Reportfrom the Resources section

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